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Oops! Booger McFarland says the ‘Minnesota Miracle’ went against the Vikings

Booger McFarland

ESPN’s Booger McFarland has struggled since taking over for Jason Witten as the lead analyst on Monday Night Football.

Fans have repeatedly voiced their frustration at how he constantly says nonsensical things, repeats himself and makes comments that are just plain wrong.

That happened again Monday night as the Seattle Seahawks hosted the Minnesota Vikings. Russell Wilson accidentally tipped an already tipped pass up into the air instead of down on the ground, allowing the Vikings to score a wild pick-six.

As McFarland watched the replay of this highly entertaining play, he started to rant about how finally, for once, the Vikings had something go their way in a big game citing the famous “Minnesota Miracle” as his primary illustration.

Here’s the video evidence:


For those who may not remember, the “Minnesota Miracle” was the play that sent the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game over the New Orleans Saints following the 2017 season (watch here).

So yeah, Booger McFarland kind of missed on this one, too.

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