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Ohio State head coach claps back at Jim Harbaugh: ‘Going to hang 100 on them’

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The lopsided Michigan-Ohio State rivalry could take on an even bigger meaning if the 2020 college football season is played this fall.

The two are set to take on one another Oct. 24 at the Horseshoe in Columbus. There’s now a major backdrop to this. Drama between the head coaches.

Ohio State’s Ryan Day claps back at Jim Harbaugh, threatens to hang a 100 on the Wolverines

Earlier this week, the always boisterous Harbaugh continually interrupted Day during a conference call among Big Ten head coaches. He claims that Day and the Buckeyes are breaking the rules regarding on-field instruction during practices.

According to ESPN, Day responded in kind, telling Harbaugh “How about I worry about my team and you worry about yours?”

That was not the end of the feud. Day reportedly held a team meeting with Ohio State players later in the day. In it, he told the players that “the Wolverines better hope for a mercy rule this season because his team was going to hang 100 on them.”

Ouch. If that’s not bulletin board material, I am not sure what is.

Though, there’s every reason for this type of confidence.

Ohio State has won each of its past eight outings against the Wolverines by an average score of 41-28. For his part, Harbaugh is now 0-4 against the Buckeyes during his career with Michigan.

More than anything, the head coach’s success in Ann Arbor will be defined by how his team performs against the Buckeyes this season. Day is now throwing down the gauntlet in a big way.

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