NFL world reacts to disastrous start to the season for the Browns

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There’s a reason why the Cleveland Browns have not been relevant on the broader NFL stage for the past quarter-century.

Even with a ton of talent and a respected first-year head coach in that of Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland did not necessarily look like a well-oiled machine early in its season opener against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

It started with a horrible Baker Mayfield interception that ultimately resulted in a touchdown pass from Lamar Jackson to Mark Andrews.

A short while later, Cleveland attempted a fake punt deep in its own end of the field. It was as disastrous as it gets, and could have been accompanied by Benny Hill music.

That’s just nonsense. What were the Browns even thinking? As bad as the execution was, the call was even more absurd. In what can’t be considered a surprise, Baltimore turned this mistake into a field goal to take a 10-0 lead.

Those watching the game had their reactions to the Browns acting like the Browns.

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