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NFL world reacts as Lamar Jackson breaks Michael Vick’s single-season quarterback rushing record

Coming into Thursday night’s game, Lamar Jackson only needed 23 yards on the ground to break Michael Vick’s single-season quarterback rushing record.

In the first quarter, on Baltimore’s opening drive, he did just that. Jackson opened the game with a brilliant 20-yard run.

After adding two more yards on that same drive, Jackson then broke the record on this play:

No doubt, Jackson will only add to this impressive total before the end of this season. Even if he does not play in Week 17, as has been suggested if the Ravens have the No. 1 seed locked up, he has one more full game to play this year and should continue to rack up yardage.

Thanks to amazing runs like the one above, and his collection of awe-inspiring runs this season, he’s setting a new bar for dual-threat excellence.

Lamar Jackson 2019 stats

Prior to Thursday night’s game against the New York Jets, Jackson had put up incredible stats both on the ground and through the air in 12 starts this season for the Ravens.

As a thrower, Jackson has completed 66.3% of his passes for 2,677 yards. He also led the league with 28 interceptions and just six interceptions.

As a runner, Jackson has put up stats most running backs would love to post. Coming into Week 15, he had 1,017 yards (now up to 1,044 yards, and counting) and seven touchdowns on the ground.

NFL world reacts

After Jackson broke Vick’s record, the NFL community responded with some awesome reactions.

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