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Former team executive’s lawyer claims NFL team owner is ‘worse than Dan Snyder’

NFL, Arizona Cardinals, Michael Bidwill
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Dan Snyder owned the NFL’s Washington Commanders for 24 years, but he’s known to be one of the worst professional sports franchise owners in history. Under Snyder, there were several reports of a toxic workplace, sexual misconduct, and financial problems, to name a few. It didn’t help that the Commanders weren’t successful during his tenure either, amassing just two playoff wins in over two decades of work.

But Snyder is no longer in control of the Commanders, with the Josh Harris group taking over in 2023. Naturally, this leaves ‘room’ for another terrible NFL team owner to ‘steal’ the limelight.

Arizona Cardinals’ Michael Bidwill – ‘Worse than Dan Snyder’?

NFL, Arizona Cardinals, Michael Bidwill
Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Former team executive Terry McDonough and his lawyer wants you to believe Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill deserves the proverbial crown.

Currently embroiled in a legal dispute that’s taking place in open court, McDonough’s attorney unleashed on Bidwill on Tuesday during an appearance on Doug Franz Unplugged

“Michael Bidwill . . . is a horrible person, and I mean through his core… He’s worse than Dan Snyder.”

Terry McDonough’s lawyer Mike Caspino on Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill

Caspino continued by accusing Bidwill of frequently lying under oath during the arbitration process.

Lastly, Caspino also suggested he knows why the Cardinals have been “so abysmal” under Bidwill’s ownership.

“It is an explanation for me as to why the Cardinals have been so abysmal. And we got into, in Michael Bidwell’s deposition, him telling me that he’s an outstanding judge of football talent. And I said, ‘What?’ I said, ‘Did you ever play the game?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I played it.’ I said, ‘Where’d you play?’ He said, ‘High school, in Washington, D.C.’ I said, ‘So, you’re the one making, you know, the talent decisions around the building?’ ‘Yeah, I am.’ And it struck me that — and in speaking to other people there — that he is such a hands-on owner that he goes into offensive coordinators and tells them who to get the ball to. And he’s making all of the decisions regarding the talent, regarding who to draft. And he’s making it off because he paid for a year or two at some fancy boarding school in Washington, D.C. And it just struck me right there why the Cardinals are so bad. They have an owner who doesn’t listen to the people around him and thinks he’s smarter than everybody else, even with the game of football.”

Caspino on the state of the Arizona Cardinals under Bidwill

Bidwill took over as the Cardinals’ majority owner in 2019 after his father, Bill Bidwill, passed away. The Cardinals have led a 27-40 record since, making one playoff appearance in 2021.

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