New York Jets owner Woody Johnson investigated for racist, sexist comments

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, who serves as President Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, faces accusations of using sexist and racist comments as ambassador.

At a time when the NFL is already dealing with one major scandal involving Washington’s football team, they could have another involving one of their longest-tenured team owners.

Jets’ owner Woody Johnson faces accusations of using racist, sexist language

according to CNN, Johnson was investigated by the State Department watchdog following allegations of using racist and sexist language in his role as ambassador. He is also facing accusations of using his government position to help President Donald Trump’s personal business benefit.

Of the numerous allegations against Johnson, he is accused of making racist comments about Black men, questioning the legitimacy and purpose of Black History Month and suggested Black fathers not staying with their families, referring to it as the “real challenge.”

Multiple diplomats told investigators that the Jets’ owner was very casual about his remarks and made comments that many found deeply offensive and demoralizing.

According to CNN, Johnson held several meetings at a men’s-only club in London, before being informed he had to stop. He is also accused of repeatedly making offensive comments about women and speaking about them in diminishing ways.

One source shared that at some public events, Johnson would start by commenting on the number of attractive women in attendance. He also was extremely reluctant to go along with an event for International WOmen’s Day, asking why there had to be a “feminist event.”

Additionally, a team at the embassy attempted to have Johnson participate in an event to raise awareness for gender-based violence in 2017. However, according to the allegations, he indicated he wasn’t interested since he wasn’t a woman.

Woody Johnson accused of pushing President Donald Trump’s personal businesses

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Johnson informed colleagues in February 2018 that Trump asked him to work on securing the British Open to be held at Trump’s Turnberry resort.

Despite being warned by the ambassador’s deputy, Lewis A. Lukens, it would be unethical to do so given it benefited President Trump’s private gain.. However, Johnson brought up the matter with the secretary of state for Scotland, but nothing came of it.

While the investigation also looked into the allegations of racist and sexist language used by Johnson, per CNN, it focused on accusations he used his position to help influence Trump’s business matters.

Johnson, who became the ambassador to the UK in August 2017, is set to have his term expire later this year.

NFL responds to allegations against Woody Johnson

Johnson purchased the Jets in 2000 for $635 million, but the team has been directed by his younger brother Cristopher Johnson since Woody became ambassador.

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