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NBA teams preparing for lower cap due to China situation

Adam Silver

The NBA finds itself between a rock and a hard place stemming from Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s tweets denouncing China and supporting a free Hong Kong.

State run television has already banned broadcasts of preseason games in the communist country. Meanwhile, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has come out in support of free speech — something that has not sit well with the oppressive leadership in Beijing.

Now comes this report from Keith Smith of Yahoo! Sports indicating that NBA teams are preparing for a lower salary cap due to the drama in the Far East.

It’s all about the economic bottom line for the NBA right now. If the Association could afford to further denounce China, it most certainly would. But we’re talking about multiple of billions in revenue. That’s no small thing.

It’s also in this that usually outspoken head coaches Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr have remained quiet regarding the situation.

For what it’s worth, the Lakers-Nets preseason series in China slated for later this week is still on schedule.

After that, it’s anyone’s best guess what might happen here.

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