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LOOK: Colts QB has very important question about space

Jacoby Brissett

It might not be the flat-earth theory, but we’re now being given something potentially better around the sports world.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jacob Brissett took to social media on Wednesday to ask a really important question about astronomy. How is space so cold with the Sun being so hot?

This is some next level thinking from Brissett right here. The answer is rather obvious, too. Nerds like this one scribe will point to Outer Space not having an atmosphere and the way that it acts as a vacuum.

The further a planet is away from the Sun, the colder it is. In fact, gas giants such as Saturn and Jupiter average about minus 234 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury, can get up to 801 Fahrenheit.

Consider this your science lesson for the day, Mr. Brissett.

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