Jon Gruden after TRADING Khalil Mack: ‘It’s hard to find a great pass rusher’

As the Oakland Raiders have started the season 0-2, coach Jon Gruden has made multiple references to his team’s lack of pass rush. He did so again on Wednesday.

Gruden noted that finding a good pass rusher is not easy.

Gruden is absolutely right. A great pass rusher is not easy to find. As such, when your team is lucky enough to get one, it’s probably best to hold on to him — even if he wants a lot of money. Gruden, of course, did not do that with Khalil Mack. The Raiders clearly miss Mack, who has been absolutely dominant with the Chicago Bears.

Comments like these are certainly entertaining for anyone on the outside looking in. But for the sake of himself, his team and his fans, Gruden would do well to not answer these kind of questions anymore. At the very least, he should find a better way to word them.

This way makes it sound like he’s either clueless or just trolling everyone. Neither is a particularly good look.

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