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Insane stat shows how Mets are failing Jacob deGrom

Mets ace Jacob deGrom

New York Mets ace Jacob deGrom is having an otherworldly 2018 season. Unfortunately, his team is giving him essentially no support.

deGrom was his usual brilliant self on Wednesday. He went seven innings and allowed only one earned run. Despite that, the Mets fell to the Atlanta Braves 2-0. But New York has grown quite used to losing despite deGrom’s brilliance.

This stat should blow your mind:

In a different era, this would crush deGrom’s Cy Young chances. Even in this era, with wins largely deemphasized, it might. We can never take into account how much voters — especially older voters — could use the losses against him. This will be especially true if Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer has similar (or even slightly worse) overall numbers, but wins between 15-20 games. That’s not to say it’s fair, but it is the reality.

But deGrom couldn’t be doing any more to help his team win. The fact that it’s not happening just shows that the rest of the Mets couldn’t be doing any less.

At this point, it seems the best possible thing that could happen to this ace is if the Mets trade him, which has been reported as a very real possibility.