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How COVID-19 will impact NFL season (PODCAST)

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The NFL season is just around the corner and the COVID-19 pandemic adds a layer of uncertainty for the football world. How will COVID-19 influence the upcoming NFL season? On the latest Reckless Speculation podcast, TC and NFL editor Matt Johnson debate the effects COVID-19 will have on the schedule, salaries and games.

While the NFL is more confident than ever its 2020 season will start on time, there is a hint of doubt in the league’s actions. Could modifications to the league’s schedule hint at the season being delayed or will football fans finally get their fix on Sep. 10 when the Houston Texans face the Kansas City Chiefs?

The NFL has been fortunate to avoid any real effects from the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that the offseason is coming to an end, that’s about to change. When players and coaches report for training camp, will some refuse to take part out of concern for their own safety and the health of their families? Even if everyone is willing to show up and play, where will games be held with states like California hinting that no football could be played.

On the latest edition of the Reckless Speculation podcast, Matt and TC dive into exactly COVID-19 will impact the NFL season in a variety of ways.

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Will the NFL season start on schedule in Week 1?

Everyone is counting down the days until the NFL season kicks off with the Texans and Chiefs. As of now, there is no public indication from the league that fans will have to wait even longer for football to return.

If fans can’t attend games early in the season, which would cause a massive revenue hit, would the NFL consider delaying the start of its schedule? It might come down to increasing revenue versus providing everyone with a sense of normalcy.

Where will teams play if their stadiums are kept closed?

While the NFL season might be months away, California governor Gavin Newsom is already suggesting things won’t return to normal this year. At the very least, NFL games in California will likely be played without fans in attendance this year. If Los Angeles extends its stay-at-home orders, which are now through July, NFL games might not be allowed in the city this year.

What happens if California’s NFL teams can’t play at home this fall? The guys explore what options the Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Chargers might have if they have to find a temporary home.

Will Dak Prescott and Patrick Mahomes still land mega contracts?

Everyone expected Patrick Mahomes and Dak Prescott to sign record-breaking extensions this offseason. But with the NFL facing a potential revenue hit that would deliver a massive blow to the salary cap, will that change? The Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs would love to get their star quarterbacks signed for the future, but they might be better off taking a new approach thanks to COVID-19.

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