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Colts say Josh McDaniels agreed to contract terms before backing out

Josh McDaniels rule

In a statement Tuesday night confirming that Josh McDaniels did indeed change his mind about becoming the next head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, the franchise took a jab at the coach by saying he had agreed to terms on a contract before doing so.

The Colts also expressed that they are “surprised and disappointed” by this decision.

The push to “resume our head coaching search immediately” isn’t exactly a shocker here. In fact, what McDaniels did to the Colts is very unprofessional and leaves the team in quite an undesirable predicament — essentially up a creek without a paddle.

There are some guys out there who might be good fits still. But this late in the game, and especially after thinking they had their preferred guy locked up, it’s clear the Colts are behind the eight ball at the 11th hour. They have every right to be upset, especially because they have assistants already signed on, which could potentially be a roadblock trying to bring in a new head coach.

It’s just a messed up situation. And it’s one the rest of the NFL won’t soon forget.

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