Fans shower boos on late Chicago Bulls GM Jerry Krause with his widow in attendance

Chicago Bulls
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The name Jerry Krause is well known, not just to Chicago Bulls fans, but to NBA fans across the globe. While he never played in the NBA, Krause became famous for being known as the general manager who helped piece together the teams that won the NBA Finals six times.

While many feel bitter about some aspects of how Krause managed things, this is still the person who selected Michael Jordan, who took the Bulls from a laughingstock to an iconic brand instantly recognized by sports fans everywhere. While Krause is no MJ, he definitely deserves some respect.

Yet, on Friday night, when the Bulls recognized Krause during the team’s Ring of Honor ceremony while his widowed wife, Thelma, was in attendance, Chicago fans let their boos be heard loud and clear.

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Steve Kerr ‘disappointed’ in Chicago Bulls fans

Not only did the actions of Bulls fans upset many within the arena, it also left an impact on Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, who played for Krause from 1993 to 1998. Since Kerr’s Warriors were in Chicago battling the Bulls, he got a first-hand taste of the vibes in the arena once Krause’s name was announced, and he hated them.

Other former Bulls chimed in, including Chicago’s current color commentator Stacey King.

After the game wrapped up, Bulls CEO Michael Reinsdorf delivered a statement showing further support for Krause in an effort to help Chicago fans realize what they just did.

“Jerry Krause is a six-time NBA champion and two-time NBA Executive of the Year. He was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame for his accomplishments and is an important part of our history. his legacy deserves to be celebrated and respected. We were incredibly honored to have Thelma with us this evening to recognize Jerry as a member of the Chicago Bulls Ring of Honor.”

Chicago Bulls President and CEO Michael Reinsdorf on Jerry Krause
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