Beginner’s guide to eSports: Best places to watch eSports


At a time when major sports have come to a complete stop due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are looking for new forms of entertainment. Fortunately, eSports is ready to step in as a go-to source of excitement for sports fans. Our beginner’s guide to eSports is here to help connect fans with the fastest-rising sport in the world.

The great thing about eSports is that it can keep going even when the entire globe seems to be shutting down. While major in-person tournaments are canceled, there are plenty of great eSports to watch for traditional sports fans.

Not only are there quite a few great options for which eSports to watch, but there are also plenty of ways to see it. Even when major networks are still just learning about eSports and starting to broadcast them more, fans looking for their intake of sports can find it without a cable provider. Here are the best places for fans to watch eSports.


As we mentioned with Overwatch, the YouTube channel for the Overwatch League features highlights, old matches and live streams for its audience. League of Legends, the most popular eSport, also provides a great channel that boasts over 3 million followers and broadcasts scheduled live events.

Even when there aren’t live matches going on, YouTube archives offer plenty of replays for people to familiarize themselves with eSports. Of course, one of the most entertaining eSports is Rocket League, which is a must-watch for sports fans looking for that perfect combination of racing games and soccer. Whatever type of eSports you desire, YouTube offers it.


Twitch is the most popular live-streaming platform out there. A favorite for Call of Duty and Fortnite gamers, Twitch is also a great place to watch League of Legends. The popularity of the platform means that fans can watch some of the top gamers in the world or even amateur players looking to make their first impression.

Twitch is the top streaming platform in eSports, per eCharts, for a reason. It really started as the foundation for live streaming tournaments and games, which is a big reason for its popularity today. Whether you want to watch someone play Madden, 2K, Call of Duty, LoL or another game, Twitch offers it. It’s the perfect place to get started whenever you have free time.

Facebook Gaming

It might seem unusual that gaming can be found on Facebook, but the network even dedicates its own separate page due to the massive audience. A nice thing about Facebook Gaming is fans can get notifications when their favorite gamers start streaming.

The first time you check it out, you can sort through the games and streamers they offer. It’s an immense list and showcases the variety that a global audience looks for. After the success Fox Sports 1 had by broadcasting eNASCAR, sports fans can find even more thrilling racing with WTCR. Facebook Gaming certainly isn’t one of the major sources of streaming for eSports, but it’s quickly making a name for itself.


Microsoft wanted to get in on live streaming and it delivered with Mixer. One of the fastest-growing live platforms out there, the Seattle-based site is available in 21 languages. While partnering with Ninja, one of the world’s most popular games, certainly helped Mixer, the platform itself is about so much more than one person.

You can find some of their top partners featured prominently at the top. The site is organized very nicely, making everything easy to navigate so the audience can find what they are looking for. Every modern video game you could possibly imagine as listed, all it takes is one person streaming to get what you want. Of course, Mixer also prides itself on limited lag time. If you’re watching one a gamer, this means you can interact with them almost simultaneously and won’t have your experience slightly diminished. A great experience and an exceptional selection makes Mixer is a great platform for anyone looking to get in on eSports.

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