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Members of 2004 Boston Red Sox reportedly have turned on Curt Schilling after he went public with Tim Wakefield’s cancer battle

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Ahead of the Boston Red Sox 2024 home opener, it seems that members of their iconic 2004 team are glad that Curt Schilling won’t be appearing at Fenway Park on Tuesday because there may have been “drama” over something he recently did that rubbed a lot of his former teammates the wrong way.

Heading into the MLB games today there is some positive vibes around the Boston Red Sox after they got off to a rock-solid 7-3 record this season. It has to be a sigh of relief for Sox fans after enduring a pair of last-place finishes the last two years, and it comes at the perfect time with the team opening up their home schedule today.

  • Tim Wakefield stats (Career): 19 years, 200-180 record, 4.41 ERA, 1.350 WHIP, 22 saves, 78 complete games

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Along with kicking off the 2024 MLB schedule for Fenway Park, the legendary players from the franchise’s championship drought-ending team from 2004 will also be honored. Meaning the day will be a grand celebration of the past and present. However, one highly influential member of that group will not be attending Tuesday’s festivities.

Last month it was revealed that Curt Schilling would not be appearing at the event to honor the 2004 title team and also pay respect to recently passed team great Tim Wakefield. His absence is something former teammate Derek Lowe said was a good thing because he likely wasn’t welcome after he went public with Wakefield’s ongoing battle with cancer in March. Something the Red Sox Hall-of-Famer and his family wanted to keep quiet.

Derek Lowe says Boston Red Sox teammates likely would have had a confrontation with Curt Schilling at Tuesday’s event

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“[It was] bulls**t, what he did,” Lowe said at a Monday at a luncheon honoring the 2004 team, according to Mass Live. “I knew a lot. Golfed with [Wakefield], knew the whole story. And understanding what they wanted out as a family, and you do that? It’s just bulls**t. Again, [Schilling not attending], is the right thing.”

“I just feel that [his absence] is the consensus [among teammates]. This isn’t the venue to have maybe somebody say something to him, which I think probably someone would have, especially in the evening — if you know what I mean,” he said. “There was no questionnaire, or, ‘What do you think [about Schilling attending]?’ I just think it was the right thing to do.

“This is probably the best scenario for everybody. Somebody, later in the evening, would have said something to him. And I’m not saying it would have been me. It just wasn’t the place for it.”

Schilling played his final four seasons in the league with the Boston Red Sox and was a teammate with Wakefield for all of those years.

  • Curt Schilling stats (Career): 20 years, 216-146 record, 3.46 ERA, 1.137 WHIP, 3116 strikeouts, 83 complete games

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