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How To Watch College Basketball in 2023 

Don’t miss any NCAA games this year with college basketball streaming.

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College basketball is back for the new year, offering a fresh alternative to the NBA in what’s expected to be an entertaining and unpredictable season. Games are scheduled around the U.S., with all the major college teams participating — including fan favorites to win it all, like the Kentucky Wildcats and North Carolina Tar Heels. The season is a must-watch for basketball and sports fans who want to see the next big names in basketball go head to head.

Streaming services to watch college basketball

College basketball games will air on channels including ESPN networks, CBS networks, Fox, Fox Sports 1, SEC Network, ACC Network, and USA Network. Using a streaming service to watch is a flexible and affordable option that means you can tune into every game, either at home or on the go. Streaming services where you can watch college basketball games include Sling TV, DIRECTV STREAM, Hulu + Live TV, FuboTV, and YouTube TV.  

Streaming ServiceCost ChannelsFree Trial 
Sling TV$40+31+No
Hulu + Live TV$69.99+85+No
YouTube TV$64.99+100+Yes

Watch college basketball on Sling TV (Our preferred service)

college basketball 2023

Sling TV comes with three plans: Orange, with 31+ channels for $40 per month; Blue, with 41+ channels for $40 per month; and Orange & Blue, with 47+ channels for $55 per month. None of the plans comes with a free trial but you can get 50% off your first month as a new subscriber.

College basketball fans are best served by the Orange & Blue plan, as it includes many of the channels airing live games like ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, and USA Network. Other major networks on the Orange & Blue plan include CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, NBC, NFL Network, and National Geographic.

Overall, Sling TV offers great value, with a small-but-mighty channel list at a significantly lower monthly cost than competitors. 

Watch college basketball on DIRECTV STREAM

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DIRECTV STREAM gives subscribers the option of four plans: Entertainment, with 75+ channels for $69.99 per month; Choice, with 105+ channels for $89.99 per month; Ultimate, with 140+ channels for $104.99 per month; and Premier, with 150+ channels for $149.99 per month. All plans come with a free trial if you sign up online.

All four plans include major networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, Comedy Central, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and Disney Channel. They also have networks airing college basketball games, such as ESPN2, FS1, SEC Network, and USA Network. CBS Sports is available in the Ultimate and Premium packages.

While DIRECTV STREAM is more expensive than some other services, one of the major benefits it offers sports fans is the addition of regional sports networks for no extra cost in all plans from Choice upwards.

Watch college basketball on Hulu + Live TV

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Hulu offers two live streaming plans: Hulu + Live TV, with 85+ channels for $69.99 per month; and Hulu + Live TV (No Ads) for $82.99, which provides the same service without the ad breaks when watching shows and movies in Hulu’s on-demand content library. Neither plan gives the option of a free trial.

Along with Hulu’s on-demand content library, which contains popular movies and shows like “The Handmaid’s Tale,” both plans include the Disney Bundle, giving subscribers access to the Disney Plus streaming library and ESPN Plus sports content, including college basketball games. 

Both plans include major networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, National Geographic, Comedy Central, and MTV, as well as networks airing college basketball like ESPN, ESPN2, CBS, CBS Sports, FS1, SEC Network, ACC Network, and USA Network. Overall, the amount of on-demand content included in Hulu’s plans makes them well-suited to sports fans looking for an extensive entertainment package.

Watch college basketball on FuboTV

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FuboTV offers three plans that allow subscribers to watch college basketball: Pro, with 124+ channels for $69.99; Elite, with 178+ channels for $79.99; and Ultimate, with 214+ channels for $99.99. All plans come with the offer of a free trial.

Even with the cheapest plan, FuboTV offers the largest channel lists of any streaming service, making it a great option for large households or people who want a wide range of live TV viewing options. All plans include major networks like ABC, Fox, NBC, E!, Nickelodeon, Food Network, and Discovery Channel. They come with numerous sports offerings like NFL Network and NBA Network, and channels airing college basketball games like ESPN, ESPN2, CBS, CBS Sports, FS1, SEC Network, and USA Network. 

Watch college basketball on YouTube TV

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YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers one Base plan with 100+ channels for $64.99 per month. These channels include ESPN, ESPN2, CBS, CBS Sports, FS1, Fox, SEC Network, and USA Network, all of which air 2023 college basketball games. 

Other major networks available on YouTube TV include ABC, NBC, CNN, Comedy Central, NFL Network, and Nickelodeon. The simplicity of the YouTube TV offer makes it ideal for people who don’t want to spend time choosing between plans and would prefer to have a simplified but comprehensive offer from a trusted media brand.

College basketball schedule 2023

You can find the full college basketball schedule on ESPN.com.

Start streaming college basketball in 2023

Watching college basketball games using a streaming service is more affordable than cable and offers more flexibility. Instead of having to watch games at home, streaming means you can tune in via other devices like a phone or laptop. The fact that many streaming services also come with extra entertainment networks and on-demand content is a bonus.


Where can I watch college basketball live?

Live college basketball games are shown on a variety of networks, including ESPN networks, CBS networks, FS1, Fox, SEC Network, ACC Network, and USA Network. These are available on live TV streaming services, including Sling TV, DIRECTV STREAM, Hulu + Live TV, FuboTV, and YouTube TV.

Can I watch college basketball without a TV provider?

You can stream college basketball using a live TV streaming service. Doing so means you can watch games on your TV at home but also on other devices like cellphones and tablets, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Will March Madness be available on streaming?

You can watch March Madness on networks available on live TV streaming services. March Madness runs from March 14, 2023, to April 3, 2023.

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