Frank Vogel reportedly could be one-and-done if Phoenix Suns disappoint in playoffs

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While some believe the Phoenix Suns roster could be overhauled again if they have an early exit in the 2024 NBA playoffs, a top NBA insider says it will instead be the coaching staff and front office that will take the fall.

It has not been easy for the Phoenix Suns this season. Although they have a three-headed monster of All-Star scorers, new addition Bradley Beal has dealt with injuries all year, they had to assimilate to the system of new head coach Frank Vogel, as well as combat their lack of depth. Nevertheless, they are still just a few games out of the fourth spot in the Western Conference NBA standings entering March.

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The expectations are very high for the organization after trading for superstar Kevin Durant last year, and that is why some wonder if this roster could be broken up if they are out of the postseason earlier than expected again. However, Yahoo Sports NBA insider Jake Fisher does not believe that would happen or that Durant would ask for an exit from Phoenix after this season.

“I personally am not looking at it like if they don’t go far Kevin Durant is going to be for the taking,” Fisher told Sportsnaut. “Anything can happen. He could just decide, ‘Look, this ain’t working out.’ I talked to Kevin a couple of weeks ago about how he’s playing his best defense at 35 while putting up the most efficient three-point shooting of his career too.

“Maybe he does look and say, ‘I’m still doing this at 35, who knows how much I have left, I want to go do it here instead.’ It’s possible but it’s not something I am really looking towards.”

Could heads roll on the coaching staff or front office if Phoenix Suns disappoint in the playoffs?

phoenix suns

Well, if the roster is unlikely to see major shakeups, then who would take the heat for a postseason letdown from this expensive team? Fisher believes new owner Matt Ishbia could reconsider his coaching staff, including new head coach Frank Vogel, and his front office if the Suns underperformed this spring.

“The talk around Phoenix in the event [they are eliminated early in the playoffs] is that there might be more repercussions on the personnel staff,” Fisher said. “The front office, coaching staff. And I know they just came in and gave Frank Vogel a lot of money but there’s definitely talk of the stakes being so high in Phoenix and what happens if they were to lose in the first round.”

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Vogel was hired before the season after the organization shockingly fired Monty Williams last year. It would be stunning if they made another head coaching change so fast. However, the Milwaukee Bucks fired new head coach Adrian Griffin over 40 games into this season, and Vogel was the scapegoat for the Los Angeles Lakers when they missed the playoffs a season after winning an NBA title.

Wilder things have happened in the NBA recently.

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