NBA teams prepping for Kevin Durant to be available via trade soon

All eyes in the basketball community are on the Brooklyn Nets, with many curious to see what will come of Kyrie Irving’s contract negotiations with the organization. If things go awry, with Irving moving on, it’s been said that Kevin Durant could be the next superstar headed out the door.

It would be an enormous turn of events from when the team was originally put together, but they haven’t been able to experience immediate success, with the roster unable to get past the semifinals. And if Irving truly does move on via trade, why would Durant want to stick around? The Nets likely wouldn’t receive a player of similar caliber to Irving in trade, so any assets would likely take time to pay off.

This could cause Durant to eye a different winning situation in a new destination, as soon as this offseason.

Kevin Durant trade could happen soon

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Big trades are frequently rumored with nothing getting done, could a Kevin Durant actually happen? It seems to be under real consideration, depending on Irving’s future. In fact, several teams around the NBA are already said to be operating with the understanding that Durant could be available in trade this offseason, according to Zach Lowe.

“I can tell you this. Teams are already operating under, not the assumption, but ‘we need to prepare for the contingency’ that Kevin Durant is available via trade in 6-7 days.”

Zach Lowe on ‘The Lowe Post’ podcast

Obviously for a trade like this to happen, Irving likely has to be on the move too. What does all this mean for Ben Simmons, who’s yet to even play a game for the Nets? It’s possible no one is safe, and that he too could be on the move, but chances are, he needs to prove he’s healthy before bringing back another massive trade haul.

  • Kevin Durant contract: $44.1 million in 2022-23, signed through 2025-26 on a four-year, $192M deal

Durant likely has the ability to essentially choose his destiny, likely providing the Nets with a list of teams he’d prefer to land with, much like Irving recently reportedly did. He’ll likely want to pair up with another megastar, or a few stars, with wherever he feels gives him the best chances to pursue what would be the third NBA Championship of his prestigious career.

As Irving and the Nets work toward a solution, with his player option deadline coming up on June 29, we should have our answers sooner than later. Could the Nets enter the season without any of their three current superstars? Probably not, but it would represent a major shift in the Eastern Conference.

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