MLB power rankings Week 10: Yankees, Dodgers, Giants, Cardinals rise as Cubs drop into June

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Who is the best team in MLB? We’re over two months into the 2024 MLB season with two full calendar months of action behind us. As June arrives, it’s time to take a look at the worst and best MLB teams right now with our MLB power rankings for Week 10.

Let’s dive into our MLB power rankings for Week 10.

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MLB power rankings: Worst MLB teams right now

30. Chicago White Sox (30)

The Chicago White Sox are the worst MLB team in 2024. It’s also a one-team race. There was a brief four-game winning streak in early May, then, Chicago lost 13 of its next 14 games. We’re not ready to suggest the White Sox will be one of the worst MLB teams ever, but they sure seem prepared to make it interesting.

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29. Los Angeles Angels (27)

It’s just a countdown until the 2024 season mercifully comes to an end for the Los Angels Angels. Beating the Houston Astros over a week ago proved to just be a lot more about what the Astros have become. The Angels are simply one of the worst MLB teams this year.

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28. Oakland Athletics (25)

There was a point in the 2024 season, back on May 8, when the Oakland A’s sat just two games below the .500 line (18-20). They are now 13 games behind the .500 line, conducting a speed run toward the bottom of the standings that only the White Sox can top. We’re very close to what he had on Opening Day, the A’s and White Sox at the bottom of our MLB power rankings

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27. Colorado Rockies (29)

We at least have to give the Colorado Rockies credit for really playing some competitive baseball as of late. There was an ugly stretch just under a month ago, but believe it or not, the Rockies have a winning record (13-7) since May 7. None of what’s happening suggests we should even be considering a .500 finish, but it’s enough to move Colorado up in June’s MLB power rankings.

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26. Miami Marlins (28)

Taking a series against the Milwaukee Brewers and Arizona Diamondbacks then giving the Texas Rangers problems at least shows the Miami Marlins roster and manager Skip Schumaker aren’t waving the white flag on the 2024 season. Although, it’s only a matter of time until the Marlins front office trades away players like Jazz Chisholm and Jesus Luzardo to help rack up more losses.

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25. New York Mets (23)

The New York Mets trade rumors are heating up, coinciding with an ugly May for the club. it’s odd that the organization decided to use Christian Scott (sent down) and Jorge Lopez (DFAd) as their examples for making changes, but it’s also not like this front office has made a ton of great decisions in the last year-plus.

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24. Houston Astros (21)

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At this point, the Houston Astros have to be accepted for what they are. Yes, there will be a few good weeks here and there, but every time this club starts digging out of its hole it finds a way to fall back down. May was supposed to be the turnaround month and Houston played .500 ball. Accept the 2024 season for what it is.

23. Cincinnati Reds (26)

The series victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers last weekend didn’t provide a huge spark for the Cincinnati Reds, but at least they’ve climbed a bit closer to .500 as opposed to being double-digit games behind that mark. Still, we can’t help but ask when this Reds’ organization will finally put it all together.

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22. Arizona Diamondbacks (15)

If the Arizona Diamondbacks are getting swept by a banged-up Texas Rangers team and a Mets’ club that has seen the bottom fall out, it’s hard to find any hope moving forward. The 2023 season has proven to be a massive fluke, but even more concerning is what’s happened with Corbin Carroll.

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21. Tampa Bay Rays (17)

The recent woes are just a reminder of how we’ve felt about the Tampa Bay Rays all year. This just wasn’t a good team on paper, injuries decimated the starting rotation and the lineup hasn’t come close to the organization’s expectations. More money would’ve gone a long way towards improving the roster.

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MLB power rankings Week 10: Cardinals, Padres, Giants heating up

20. Pittsburgh Pirates (22)

Calling up Paul Skenes didn’t just provide the Pittsburgh Pirates with an immediate front-line starter, it sparked the entire club. There are certainly still plenty of holes on the Pirates roster, but a 9-8 record since May 11 is a lot better baseball than Pittsburgh was showing in late April. Competing for a seat at the table in October won’t happen, but Pirates fans can enjoy a glimpse into a much brighter future.

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19. Chicago Cubs (11)

Rewind to May 5 and there was excitement at Wrigley Field coming off a series victory over the Milwaukee Brewers pushing the Chicago Cubs seven games above .500. Almost a month later, the Cubs have a losing record. Maybe facing some of the worst MLB teams in the next two weeks will get them back over the hump, but it won’t erase the doubts people have about how this club can handle better competition.

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18. Washington Nationals (24)

Back come the Washington Nationals. Keep in mind, this recent stretch didn’t come against the likes of the White Sox and Marlins, Washington secured series victories over the Mariners and Braves over the last week. Even if there’s another dip coming, the Nats have already proven to have more talent and fight than we ever expected to see in 2024.

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17. Toronto Blue Jays (19)

The next few weeks will determine how the Toronto Blue Jays approach the MLB trade deadline. Sweeping the White Sox means nothing, the Blue Jays roster can only prove it deserves a chance to stay together if it can surprise against the Baltimore Orioles (June 3-6), Milwaukee Brewers Juen 10-12) and Cleveland Guardians (June 14-16). Failure in all three matchups should seal the Blue Jays’ fate.

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16. Detroit Tigers (20)

There’s a small pulse for the Detroit Tigers. An 11-15 record in May is really from that May 3-May 23 stretch when Detroit won just five games, draining all the confidence the fan base had in this young Tigers’ team. We still don’t like Detroit’s lineup, not with some of the players who keep getting everyday at-bats, but the Tigers’ arms are at least allowing this team to fight for a .500 record and that’s saying something.

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15. Boston Red Sox (12)

The Boston Red Sox are just too volatile for us to have any true confidence in moving forward. They’ve got some tough sets ahead with a June schedule that includes the Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees. We could easily be looking at a Red Sox team in mid-June that is well below .500 and if that happens, it’s going to ramp up MLB rumors about Tyler O’Neill and Kenley Jansen being shipped out.

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14. Texas Rangers (16)

It’s been a 2024 season to forget for the defending World Series champions and May will almost certainly be the worst of it with an 11-15 record. The truth is, there’s just too much talent on the Rangers roster for Texas to continue underperforming like this all season, especially under Bruce Bochy. If the Rangers can handle business against the Marlins and Tigers, that’s all it might take to heat up.

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13. St. Louis Cardinals (18)

The St. Louis Cardinals are the hottest team in MLB, posting a 12-3 record in their last 15 contests heading into June. Unlike last season, the Cardinals’ pitching (3.65 ERA in the last 15 games) has been a driving force for this club and it really mattered against the Cubs and Reds. It appears those Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt MLB trade rumors won’t be heard again for a little while.

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12. San Francisco Giants (14)

We thought the San Francisco Giants would be destined for another season of disappointment after their 17-23 start. In the early quarter of this season, San Francisco looked bad at an alarming rate. Since May 15, the Giants are 10-3 and are now coming off an unexpected series victory over the Philadelphia Phillies. We’ll see what June brings, but there’s optimism.

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11. San Diego Padres (13)

The San Diego Padres were a top-10 team in May, with solid production across the board. On the mound, San Diego’s pitchers were responsible for a crisp 3.31 ERA across 231 innings pitched. Meanwhile, the Padres lineup had a productive .261/.322/..379 line. Plus, series victories over the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers showed how competitive the Padres could be. It’s shaping up to be a fun summer in San Diego.

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10 best MLB teams right now

10. Seattle Mariners (10)

MLKB power rankings 2024, Seattle Mariners
Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Mariners haven’t quite met expectations, but the Rangers and Astros have been even worse. Being multiple games ahead in the AL West with bottom-five run production (211 runs scored, .221/.295/.361) is an accomplishment, quite frankly. However, Jerry Dipoto certainly recognizes that the current Mariners lineup isn’t nearly good enough to maintain that advantage. If team ownership isn’t willing to spend the money needed to improve the batting order, then a drop-off is coming for Seattle.

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9. Minnesota Twins (9)

MLB power rankings 2024, Minnesota Twins
Credit: Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

Of the 15 victories the Minnesota Twins celebrated in May, 11 were closed out with saves. However, the fact that Minnesota needed that many saves speaks more about a bullpen that had the fourth-worst ERA (5.00) this past month. Even with those recent issues, the Twins lineup has been crucial with some clutch hitting as we saw in the series victory over the Kansas City Royals. Of course, despite this recent stretch of strong play, the Yankees are looming (June 4-6) and trips to Yankee Stadium never end well for the Twins.

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8. Atlanta Braves (7)

MLB power rankings Week 10, Atlanta Braves
Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The good news for the Atlanta Braves is that Sean Murphy came off the injured list and Austin Riley returned from his own prolonged absence. With Ronald Acuña Jr done for the year, that’s some much-needed support in the Braves lineup. However, playing the rest of the season without two of your best players (Acuna and Spencer Strider) is reason enough to have some concern about just how great Atlanta will be this summer.

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7. Milwaukee Brewers (8)

MLB power rankings Week 10, Milwaukee Brewers
Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Brewers were good enough in May, just one of 11 teams to finish multiple games over .500 in the month. We have to take notice of Milwaukee’s pitching (3.58 ERA), even if quality starts (14, 28th in MLB) remain a rarity. The Cubs have fallen out of the NL Central race for now, but St. Louis is now giving Milwaukee a fight. With that acknowledged, the Brewers are unmistakably a playoff contender in 2024 and the Brewers lineup is a treat to watch.

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6. Kansas City Royals (4)

MLB power rankings Week 10, Kansas City Royals
Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

If you posted one of the best MLB records in consecutive months, you’ve earned the right to be near the top of the MLB power rankings in June. The Kansas City Royals went 17-11 in April and 17-10 in May, that’s the very definition of consistency. Kansas City has to be viewed as buyers at the MLB trade deadline, especially with how winnable the division is.

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5. Cleveland Guardians (3)

MLB power rankings Week 10, Cleveland Guardians
Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

For the most part, it’s been smooth sailing for the Cleveland Guardians. Cleveland posted an 18-9 record in May, with the Guardians lineup responsible for the 11th-best OPS with power (.402 SLG) responsible for a lot of the damage as the team posted a .229 batting average with a .309 OBP. There’s room for the Guardians’ pitching to improve, but for the time being, the looming return of Steven Kwan should help drive up Cleveland’s run production.

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4. Los Angeles Dodgers (6)

MLB power rankings Week 10, Los Angeles Dodgers
Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers took advantage of one of the worst MLB teams right now, dispatching the Mets at Citi Field. There’s a favorable upcoming slate against the Rockies and Pirates, though, Pittsburgh has been playing better as of late. If Los Angeles plays up to its talent level over the next week, that Yankees vs Dodgers series (June 7-9) will be a great litmus test to see who is the best MLB team.

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3. Baltimore Orioles (5)

MLB power rankings Week 10, Baltimore Orioles
Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Orioles got back to their winning ways, taking sets against the White Sox and Red Sox. Baltimore’s pitching since May 23 has been very good (3.57 ERA) outside of one game against Boston. With the Orioles clearly demonstrating they can be near the top of the majors in 2024, the 2024 MLB trade deadline is the perfect time for the Orioles’ front office to make this club a true World Series contender.

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2. Philadelphia Phillies (1)

MLB power rankings Week 10, Philadelphia Phillies
Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies remain one of the best MLB teams in 2024 and they hold a decent lead over the Dodgers. However, despite finishing May with the best record in the National League (19-7), the last week of the month did see Philadelphia drop a pair of series to the Rockies and Giants. It’s not a major concern, but the schedule gets tougher from here and there are definitely some spots on the Phillies roster that could stand to be upgraded this summer.

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1. New York Yankees (2)

MLB power rankings Week 10, New York Yankees
Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees were the best MLB team in May, posting a 20-7 record with outstanding play in nearly every faced. Across 27 games in May, New York recorded the lowest ERA (2.50) in the majors with the Yankees lineup producing an excellent .261/.333/.469 team slash line with a league-high .802 OPS. Already one of the best MLB teams in 2024, the Yankees will have both Gerrit Cole and DJ LeMahieu back in June.

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