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Baltimore Orioles game today: Watch times, channel, scores, and upcoming 2024 Orioles schedule

orioles game today
Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

Is there a Baltimore Orioles game today? While there are always MLB games today, it doesn’t mean the American League East champs will be in action. Here you can find all the information you need on the 2024 Orioles schedule.

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Baltimore Orioles game today (Regular Season)

When is the next Baltimore Orioles game?Monday, May 27
Who are they playing?Boston Red Sox
Where are the Orioles playing?Oriole Park at Camden Yards
What time does the Orioles game start?1:05 PM ET
What channel is the Orioles game on?MASN
Where can we stream the Orioles game?MLB.TV
Who is starting for the Baltimore Orioles today?Cole Irvin (4-2, 3.15 ERA)

Note: Schedule subject to change. Updated for each game.

Is there an Orioles game today?

There is an Orioles game today. The Baltimore Orioles return to action on Monday to face the Boston Red Sox.

What time is the Baltimore Orioles game today?

The next game on the Orioles 2024 schedule will see them take to the field at 1:05 PM ET.

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What channel is the Orioles game on tonight?

All Orioles games can be found locally on MASN or MASN2. They can also be streamed on MLB.TV.

Baltimore Orioles games on Roku in 2024

  • Sunday, July 14 – New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles, 11:35 AM ET
  • Sunday, September 8 – Tampa Bay Rays at Baltimore Orioles, 12:05 PM ET

Did the Orioles win last night?

The Orioles won their most recent game against the Chicago White Sox by a score of 4-1.

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What is the Orioles’ record?

orioles game today
Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Orioles’ current record on the MLB standings is 33-18.

How can I listen to the Orioles game online?

WBAL News Radio mobile app is the best way to listen to Baltimore games online. On traditional terrestrial radio, games can be found on 1090 AM, 101.5 FM, or 97.9 FM HD-2.

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What time do gates open for the Orioles game today?

The gates for most Baltimore Orioles games open two hours before game time of each contest unless otherwise stated.

How many home games do the Orioles play in 2024?

The Orioles play 81 home games per season, an even split in a 162-game schedule.

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Where do the Baltimore Orioles play?

orioles game today
Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Orioles play all their home games at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Baltimore Orioles schedule 2024 by month

Here is the first half of the Orioles’ schedule in 2024, accounting for each of their games before the All-Star Break in July.

Orioles schedule – May

DateOpponentTime (ET)TV Info
May 1Yankees 2, Orioles 06:35 PMMASN
May 2Orioles 7, Yankees 21:05 PMMASN
May 3Orioles 3, Reds 06:10 PMMASN
May 4Orioles 2, Reds 16:40 PMMASN2
May 5Orioles 11, Reds 14:10 PMMASN2
May 7Nationals 3, Orioles 06:45 PMMASN2
May 8Orioles 7, Nationals 66:45 PMMASN2
May 10Orioles 4, Diamondbacks 27:05 PMAppleTV+
May 11Orioles 5, Diamondbacks 44:05 PMMASN2
May 12Diamondbacks 9, Orioles 21:35 PMMASN2
May 13Blue Jays 3, Orioles 26:35 PMMASN
May 14PPD6:35 PMMASN
May 15Orioles 3, Blue Jays 212:35 PMMASN
May 17Orioles 9, Mariners 27:05 PMMASN2
May 18Mariners 4, Orioles 34:05 PMFS1
May 19Orioles 6, Mariners 31:35 PMMASN2
May 20Cardinals 6, Orioles 37:45 PMMASN2
May 21Cardinals 3, Orioles 17:45 PMMASN2
May 22Cardinals 5, Orioles 41:15 PMMASN2
May 23Orioles 8, White Sox 67:40 PMMASN
May 24Orioles 6, White Sox 47:40 PMAppleTV+
May 25Orioles 5, White Sox 32:10 PMMASN
May 26Orioles 4, White Sox 12:10 PMMASN
May 27Red Sox1:05 PMMASN
May 28Red Sox6:35 PMMASN
May 29Red Sox6:35 PMMASN
May 31Rays7:05 PMMASN2

Orioles schedule – June

DateOpponentTime (ET)TV Info
June 1Rays4:05 PMMASN2
June 2Rays1:35 PMMASN2
June 3Blue Jays7:10 PMMASN2
June 4Blue Jays7:07 PMMASN2
June 5Blue Jays7:07 PMMASN2
June 6Blue Jays7:07 PMMASN
June 7Rays6:50 PMMASN2
June 8Rays4:10 PMMASN2
June 9Rays1:40 PMMASN2
June 10Rays6:40 PMFS1
June 11Braves6:35 PMMASN
June 12Braves6:35 PMMASN
June 13Braves1:05 PMMASN
June 14Phillies7:05 PMMASN
June 15Phillies4:05 PMMASN
June 16Phillies1:35 PMMASN
June 18Yankees7:05 PMTBS
June 19Yankees7:05 PMMASN
June 20Yankees4:05 PMMASN
June 21Astros8:10 PMMASN
June 22Astros4:10 PMMASN
June 23Astros2:10 PMMASN
June 24Guardians6:35 PMMASN
June 25Guardians6:35 PMMASN
June 26Guardians6:35 PMMASN
June 27Rangers6:35 PMMASN
June 28Rangers7:05 PMMASN
June 29Rangers7:15 PMFOX
June 30Rangers1:35 PMMASN2

Orioles schedule – July

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV Info
July 2Mariners9:40 PMMASN2
July 3Mariners10:10 PMMASN2
July 4Mariners4:10 PMMASN2
July 5Athletics9:40 PMMASN2
July 6Athletics4:07 PMMASN2
July 7Athletics4:07 PMMASN2
July 9Cubs6:35 PMMASN2
July 10Cubs6:35 PMMASN2
July 11Cubs6:35 PMMASN
July 12Yankees7:05 PMMASN
July 13Yankees4:05 PMFS1
July 14Yankees1:35 PMMASN

2024 Baltimore Orioles season results

Here are the latest results from the Orioles’ 2024 season.


DateOpponentTime (ET)TV Info
March 28Orioles 11, Angels 31:35 PMMASN
March 30Orioles 13, Angels 44:05 PMMASN
March 31Angels 4, Orioles 11:35 PMMASN

Orioles schedule – April

DateOpponentTime (ET)TV Info
April 1Orioles 6, Royals 46:35 PMMASN2
April 2Royals 4, Orioles 16:35 PMMASN
April 3Orioles 4, Royals 31:05 PMMASN
April 5Orioles 5, Pirates 24:12 PMMASN2
April 6Pirates 5, Orioles 44:05 PMMASN2
April 7Pirates 3, Orioles 21:35 PMMASN2
April 9Orioles 7, Red Sox 12:10 PMMASN
April 10Orioles 7, Red Sox 52:10 PMMASN
April 11Orioles 9, Red Sox 47:10 PMMASN
April 12Brewers 11, Orioles 17:05 PMAppleTV+
April 13Brewers 11, Orioles 54:05 PMMASN
April 14Orioles 6, Brewers 41:35 PMMASN
April 15Orioles 7, Twins 46:35 PMMASN
April 16Orioles 11, Twins 36:35 PMMASN
April 17Orioles 4, Twins 21:05 PMMASN
April 19Orioles 9, Royals 47:40 PMMASN2
April 20Orioles 9, Royals 77:10 PMMASN2
April 21Orioles 5, Royals 02:10 PMMASN2
April 22Orioles 5, Angels 29:38 PMMASN
April 23Angels 7, Orioles 49:38 PMMASN2
April 24Orioles 6, Angels 54:07 PMMASN2
April 26Athletics 3, Orioles 27:05 PMMASN
April 27Orioles 7, Athletics 04:05 PMMASN
April 28Athletics 7, Orioles 61:35 PMMASN
April 29Orioles 2, Yankees 06:35 PMMASN
April 30Orioles 4, Yankees 26:35 PMMASN

Baltimore Orioles record by year

  • 2023: 101-61
  • 2022: 83-79
  • 2021: 52-110
  • 2020: 25-35
  • 2019: 54-108
  • 2018: 47-115
  • 2017: 75-87
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