How to watch the NASCAR championship race

The NASCAR championship race is held annually at Phoenix Raceway to conclude the NASCAR Cup Series. Like any race event, there are a lot of questions about the NASCAR championship race. We’ll answer them all below.

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When is the NASCAR championship race?

The 2023 NASCAR championship race is on Sunday, November 5. Spectators will see racers complete 312 laps, traveling for 312 miles in one afternoon.

What time does the NASCAR championship race start?

The NASCAR championship race begins at 3 PM ET on Sunday after NASCAR’s opening ceremony.

What channel is the NASCAR championship race on?

You can watch the NASCAR championship race on TV via the NBC channel.

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How to stream the NASCAR championship race?

The NASCAR championship race will be telecasted on NBC on cable, but viewers can tune in on several devices. This includes cable TV and streaming.

Below are the top options available to watch the event:

nascar championship race

Streaming the NASCAR championship race via VPN?

Those looking to watch the NASCAR championship race outside of the United States will need access to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). One of the most common options available is ExpressVPN. You will still need access to FuboTV, Sling TV, or Hulu + Live TV, but you can connect via a private network and hide your location with ExpressVPN.

How long does the NASCAR championship race last?

The NASCAR championship race typically lasts approximately three hours in time. But there is always a chance of caution or red flags. This year’s race should be expected to last a similar length, barring any unforeseen incidents.

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Where is the NASCAR championship race in 2023?

The NASCAR championship race will once again be in Avondale, Arizona at the Phoenix Raceway. The race has never been held anywhere else, with the Phoenix Raceway serving as its permanent home.

When is NASCAR championship race qualifying?

The qualifying session for the NASCAR championship race will take place on Saturday, November 4.

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NASCAR championship race schedule

Here’s everything we know about the NASCAR championship race schedule for the 2023 season.

Sunday, November 5:

  • 3:00 PM ET: NASCAR championship race

NASCAR championship race lineup

The NASCAR championship race’s lineup has not yet been unveiled.

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How much are NASCAR championship race tickets?

Tickets to attend the NASCAR championship race start at $60 for adults and $10 for those 17 and under. More information about ticket availability can be found on their website here.

NASCAR championship race winners

There have been several previous NASCAR championship race winners in the event’s historic past. Here’s a complete list of the all-time NASCAR championship race winners.

Past winners of the NASCAR championship race

1949Red ByronRaymond Parks
1950Bill RexfordJulian Buesink
1951Herb ThomasHerb Thomas
1952Tim FlockTed Chester
1953Herb ThomasHerb Thomas
1954Lee PettyPetty Enterprises
1955Tim FlockCarl Kiekhaefer
1956Buck BakerCarl Kiekhaefer
1957Buck BakerBuck Baker
1958Lee PettyPetty Enterprises
1959Lee PettyPetty Enterprises
1960Rex WhiteRex White
1961Ned JarrettNed Jarrett
1962Joe WeatherlyBud Moore
1963Joe WeatherlyBud Moore
1964Richard PettyPetty Enterprises
1965Ned JarrettBondy Long
1966David PearsonCotton Owens
1967Richard PettyPetty Enterprises
1968David PearsonHolman-Moody
1969David PearsonHolman-Moody
1970Bobby IsaacNord Krauskopf
1971Richard PettyPetty Enterprises
1972Richard PettyPetty Enterprises
1973Benny ParsonsL.G. DeWitt
1974Richard PettyPetty Enterprises
1975Richard PettyPetty Enterprises
1976Cale YarboroughJunior Johnson & Associates
1977Cale YarboroughJunior Johnson & Associates
1978Cale YarboroughJunior Johnson & Associates
1979Richard PettyPetty Enterprises
1980Dale EarnhardtOsterlund Racing
1981Darrell WaltripJunior Johnson & Associates
1982Darrell WaltripJunior Johnson & Associates
1983Bobby AllisonDiGard Motorsports
1984Terry LabonteHagan Racing
1985Darrell WaltripJunior Johnson & Associates
1986Dale EarnhardtRichard Childress Racing
1987Dale EarnhardtRichard Childress Racing
1988Bill ElliottMelling Racing
1989Rusty WallaceBlue Max Racing
1990Dale EarnhardtRichard Childress Racing
1991Dale EarnhardtRichard Childress Racing
1992Alan KulwickiAK Racing
1993Dale EarnhardtRichard Childress Racing
1994Dale EarnhardtRichard Childress Racing
1995Jeff GordonHendrick Motorsports
1996Terry LabonteHendrick Motorsports
1997Jeff GordonHendrick Motorsports
1998Jeff GordonHendrick Motorsports
1999Dale JarrettRobert Yates Racing
2000Bobby LabonteJoe Gibbs Racing
2001Jeff GordonHendrick Motorsports
2002Tony StewartJoe Gibbs Racing
2003Matt KensethRoush Racing
2004Kurt BuschRoush Racing
2005Tony StewartJoe Gibbs Racing
2006Jimmie JohnsonHendrick Motorsports
2007Jimmie JohnsonHendrick Motorsports
2008Jimmie JohnsonHendrick Motorsports
2009Jimmie JohnsonHendrick Motorsports
2010Jimmie JohnsonHendrick Motorsports
2011Tony StewartStewart-Haas Racing
2012Brad KeselowskiPenske Racing
2013Jimmie JohnsonHendrick Motorsports
2014Kevin HarvickStewart-Haas Racing
2015Kyle BuschJoe Gibbs Racing
2016Jimmie JohnsonHendrick Motorsports
2017Martin Truex Jr.Furniture Row Racing
2018Joey LoganoTeam Penske
2019Kyle BuschJoe Gibbs Racing
2020Chase ElliottHendrick Motorsports
2021Kyle LarsonHendrick Motorsports
2022Joey LoganoTeam Penske