Bill Belichick is a Taylor Swift fan: ‘She is tough, man’

At 71 years old, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick shouldn’t be mistaken for a “Swiftie.” At least, that’s not what would make sense given what we know about the six-time Super Bowl champion head coach.

That’s also why it’s so shocking that Belichick came out on Monday to tell the masses that’s he’s a massive Taylor Swift fan. No, we’re not even close to kidding.

Swift’s historic concert tour took up Gillette Stadium for a three-day event this past May, at which point the iconic artist performed her set through rain and thunderstorms. Guess who was on hand for Day 2? None other than Mr. Belichick. He came away super impressed.

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“That was pretty impressive. “She’s tough, man. She stood out there and played right through,” Belichick on Swift’s near four-hour performance this past spring.

Since his days as the New York Giants’ defensive coordinator back in the 1980s, Belichick has been known to be a tough coach. It’s led to a certain reputation among his former players. It’s in this that we’re not too surprised that Belichick lauded Taylor Swift’s toughness and grit.

As for whether he considers himself a “Swiftie,” Belichick has absolutely no idea.

“Officially? I don’t know about that. I don’t know what officially is,” Bill Belichick said. “What does that mean, like you have a sweatshirt or something?”

The only thing that would complete this cycle would be Belichick singing to “You Belong with Me” during New England Patriots practice. The world needs this, Bill.

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