Terrell Suggs defends himself against Sam Bradford’s accusation

Terrell Suggs didn’t target Sam Bradford’s knees on Saturday night. At least, that’s what he wants everybody to believe.

On Saturday, the Baltimore Ravens linebacker took some flak for a questionably low hit on the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback. Bradford, after practicing with the Ravens all week and getting to know their intentions, accused Suggs of purposely targeting his twice surgically-repaired left knee.

Here’s the hit in question.

The tackle resulted in a flag and a 15-yard penalty on the read-option play. Suggs has since been asked to respond to the accusation:

“When you run the read option, you have to know the rules,” Suggs said, via The Baltimore Sun. “If you want to run the read option with your starting quarterback that’s had two knee surgeries, that’s on you. That’s not my responsibility to update you on the rule.”

This won’t be a problem that goes away anytime soon with dual practice sessions being the trend. However, the issue just adds more controversy as to the benefits of the joint practices. The coaches seem to be in favor of holding the joint sessions, however some players think they are a colossal waste of time.

They are also the breeding ground for tempers and attitudes to flare and fights to break out as we have witnessed over the past few weeks.

While Suggs denies Bradford’s accusation, the penalty will surely be reviewed further this week as the Ravens’ next preseason game against the Washington Redskins approaches. It’s worth pointing out that Suggs will be facing another quarterback who has had ACL surgery in Robert Griffin III, provided he is cleared to play.