Nick Young shades Jordan Brand shoes

By David Kenyon

The offseason is a time of reflection for NBA players. As for Nick Young, well, he’s thinking about one of the finer things in life: footwear.

Young took humorous aim at Jordan Brand, saying the Nike-produced line has started to lack creativity.

“It’s lazy bro,” Young added in another post.

While there are plenty of shoe aficionados ready to disagree with Swaggy P and defend Jordan Brand’s honor, we’re not losing any sleep either way. It’s a funny post from the veteran guard in the middle of the offseason.

Currently a free agent, the 33-year-old most recently played for the Golden State Warriors. Additionally, he’s been sponsored by both Nike and adidas in the past.

But as he pursues a new contract and perhaps an endorsement deal, it’s probably a safe bet Jordan Brand won’t be calling Young anytime soon.