LSU reschedules classes to make up for national championship celebration

While LSU fans might have a few more days this week to celebrate the team’s national championship, it appears students at Louisiana State University will have to make up for the canceled classes.

According to The Advocate, LSU rescheduled its canceled classes for Jan. 13-14 for the upcoming Saturdays on Jan. 25 and Feb. 8.

It’s unfortunate news for the students to hear after days of celebrating the school’s championship and a record season that fans will never forget. Of course, the decision isn’t surprising given final exams could be approaching in a few months.

While the decision is likely unrelated to the exodus of players leaving for the NFL, Justin Jefferson, Patrick Queen and K’Lavon Chaisson are probably even happier they declared for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Fortunately for LSU students, there could be a way to avoid the rescheduled classes. If their professors inform them of other plans, such as just not making up for the missed classes, then LSU students can enjoy their Saturdays to have fun and keep partying.

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