Rumor: Kyle Lowry to the Miami Heat a Possibility

As far as rumors and reports go, this one is an absolute juggernaut. According to Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher, the Toronto Raptors are looking to complete a sign-and-trade deal with the Miami Heat that would send point guard Kyle Lowry to Miami in exchange for Norris Cole, cash and future draft picks. 

You read that right. The second part of the rumor/report suggests that Chris Bosh would then opt out of his contract and return to the Toronto Raptors.

Bucher goes on…

Sounds a little made up, doesn’t it? While Bosh did “enjoy” his time in Toronto, he is well past the point in his career where a return trip to that organization makes sense. If Bosh were to opt out, it’s more likely that he would end up in Houston or Chicago, not Toronto.

As it relates to Lowry. That makes more sense. It appears that both sides have interest in working a deal out and something might very well get done on that end. I just question the possibility of the second part of this scenario playing out.

Photo: USA Today