Peyton Manning Says Fine is “Money Well Spent”

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was notified that he will be fined $8,268 for a taunting Houston Texans safety D.J. Swearinger after his hit on Wes Welker’s head.

Not happy at all about the brutal hit Welker took in last Saturday’s game, Manning had this report to ESPN’s Christ Mortensen regarding the fine (via

I accept it. Money well spent.

Apparently, Swearinger has been a thorn in the Broncos’ side since last week in their joint practice. The final event that caused Manning to snap was the hit to Welker’s head by Swearinger which ultimately has led to Welker’s third concussion. Manning ran down the field after the hit to confront Swearinger, triggering the penalty flag.

These were the words that Manning had for Swearinger, which attributed to the taunting fine (via

Fifteen yards with five seconds left in the first half — it can’t hurt you that much, right?

$8,268 for Manning, who makes millions annually playing football and from endorsements is merely pocket change. If I have to take something amusing out of this whole thing, it would be the part where Manning ran down the field, because running and Peyton Manning aren’t two words you usually find in the same sentence.


Photo: USA Today