Matthew Stafford Barely Avoids Collapsing Bridge

On Friday morning, a pedestrian bridge collapsed on the Southfield Freeway in Detroit as Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was heading to the team facility.

The incident apparently occurred after a truck collided with an overpass early Friday morning (via ClickonDetroit.com).

A pedestrian bridge which spanned over Southfield Freeway collapsed Friday morning and is now blocking all lanes.

A truck hit the overpass and caused the collapse about 6 a.m. at Cathedral Street. The driver of that truck died at a hospital.

For his part, Stafford narrowly missed the bridge collapse.

Talk about coming close to being involved in a random and tragic accident. The good news here for the Lions organization and Stafford’s family, the quarterback came away without a scratch.

Here is a photo of the bridge collapse.

H/t to Bleacher Report for some of the information provided in this article.

Photo: NFL.com