Las Vegas Raiders likely to ‘break the bank’ for Dak Prescott next spring?

las vegas raiders
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Could the Las Vegas Raiders target the top quarterback in 2025 NFL free agency Dak Prescott? A team insider believes it is a logical strategy under one specific scenario.

The Raiders 2024 season has a lot of promise but also a lot of questions. The team has a rock-solid roster that showed promise after Josh McDaniels was sent packing and Antonio Pierce took over as head coach. However, they still have some big questions at the quarterback spot, and Pierce has much to prove with the new expectations of a full-time head coach.

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While there is hope for Pierce, Gardner Minshew and Aidan O’Connell will need to take major leaps forward in their game if the Raiders are going to surprise and be serious contenders for the AFC West title. That is why there is still a lot of speculation about the long-term fix for the Raiders QB spot and there have been suggestions they will trade up and draft Colorado star Shadeur Sanders next April.

Las Vegas Raiders insider suggests the team should target Dak Prescott if they can’t fix QB hole in 2024

las vegas raiders
Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

However, The Athletic’s team insider Vic Tarfur believes the Las Vegas Raiders will have just as good a chance of trading up for a top quarterback as they did when they failed to do so earlier this year. That is why he believes they will instead target the top QB in 2025 free agency. Assuming the Dallas Cowboys let him reach the market next spring.

“If the Raiders are a winning team this year that was held back by their quarterback, breaking the bank for Dak Prescott, a very good 31-year-old quarterback may be the only real ticket available,” Tarfur wrote. “Because it would be unlikely again that the Raiders are able to trade up in the draft.”

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Prescott is in the final year of the massive four-year, $160 million contract he signed before the 2021 season. Despite Cowboys owner Jerry Jones always heaping praise on the three-time Pro Bowler, he has taken a different stance this offseason and the team is not as willing to fork over a huge sum of money in a new contract extension.

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