MLB insider reveals top trade destinations for Bo Bichette and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
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In a perfect world, the Toronto Blue Jays would never even consider trading Bo Bichette and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Not only are they both fan favorites and the sons of MLB legends, but they’re also franchise cornerstones.

However, the Blue Jays are nowhere near the path of contention, sitting in last place of the American League East entering MLB games today. Being that they’re 16 games out, Toronto’s deficit isn’t going away any time soon. Even if the Jays were holding out hope of snagging a Wild Card spot, they have a lot of ground to make up, with a 9.5-game deficit.

Yet, another strong case could be made for the Blue Jays to hold onto their All-Stars in hopes of competing next season. However, even that situation is complicated by the fact that the duo are both eligible for free agency in 2026.

As MLB insider Jon Heyman notes, the Blue Jays are nowhere close to reaching a long-term contract extension with Guerrero. In turn, a trade may be the best option, but only if they receive an offer too good to refuse. Still, if a team did have strong enough interest in pursuing a trade for either player, where would they go? Here’s Heyman with more.

“I don’ think Toronto wants to trade Bichette or Vlad, but at this point, they are beyond fading. They’re almost disintegrating, the Jays are a non-contender. These guys have a year to go, I don’t think they’re gonna be able to sign them. The negotiations have not gone well. They have not gotten close, no matter what you hear. They have not gotten close to any long-term deal with Bichette or Vlad. So I’m not going to rule that out at this point. I think it would probably behoove them to listen closely and consider trades. Bichette, I mean the Dodgers make sense for him. Vlad has performed well, he’s a guy would be sought-after. Houston would look at him. Seattle would look at him. I would mention Pittsburgh, but you know, Pittsburgh’s not that kind of spender.”

Jon Heyman on Bo Bichette/Vlad Guerrero Jr. trade landing spots

The Astros have primarily relied on Jon Singleton at first base after moving on from Jose Abreu following a horrific start. Singleton, who’s holding steady with an OPS of .699 has provided respectable production, but he’s nowhere near the level of player Vlad is, who has an OPS of .821.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers have long been mentioned as a potential trade landing spot for Bichette. Yet, some wonder if the Dodgers would want a better defender starting in their infield. Either way, if the Blue Jays consider parting with their All-Star infielders, it’s clear they’d have plenty of interest.

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