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Los Angeles Lakers star adds fuel to growing rivalry with Memphis Grizzlies

Young Los Angeles Lakers star Austin Reaves took a shot at the Memphis Grizzlies this week in what is starting to become a growing rivalry in the Western Conference.

The Los Angeles Lakers were one of the big surprises during this past season’s playoffs. After struggling at the start of the season the team entered the playoffs on a hot streak. However, many NBA observers did not expect them to be able to continue that strong play in the postseason. Especially when they were matched up with the Memphis Grizzlies in the quarterfinals.

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However, after six hard-fought games, LA was able to prevail and it was the start of an impressive run in the playoffs that would unfortunately come to an end at the hands of the eventual champion Denver Nuggets in the conference finals. Well, that series and the various games the teams played against each other last year seemed to leave a lasting negative impression of the Grizzlies on Austin Reaves.

Los Angeles Lakers record (’22-’23): 43-39

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During a recent appearance on the “Full Send Podcast,” the rising Lakers talent was asked about talking trash and which opponents jaw-jacked the most. It didn’t take the 25-year-old long to claim that Memphis takes the cake by far while also digging at Memphis for their early ouster in the 2023 NBA playoffs.

“All of Memphis honestly [talk trash], their whole team talks [expletive]. .. It felt good beating them in the playoffs,” Reaves said with a sly smile.

The Grizzlies and Lakers are sure to clash in many major matchups during this upcoming season and probably the playoffs with both teams being contenders in the Western Conference.

The Los Angeles Lakers gave Reaves a massive $53 million contract this summer to keep him in California for four more seasons.