Kansas takes one step closer to stealing Chiefs football team from Missouri

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Ever since the Kansas City Chiefs started playing at Municipal Stadium in 1963, the state of Missouri has been home to Chiefs Kingdom. But now there’s some legitimate concern over whether Missouri will get to keep their professional football team, as Kansas is now plotting to essentially steal the Chiefs.

Recently, Jackson County, Missouri voted down a proposal that would have extended a sales tax increase to help fund the renovation of Arrowhead Stadium. The proposal also included a plan to build a new stadium for the Kansas City Royals. This has prompted the state of Kansas to get involved, as they’d love the opportunity to welcome the increased revenue stream that would come with the Chiefs and Royals moving across the border.

On Tuesday, the Kansas House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed legislation to support moving the Chiefs and Royals to their state, with an 84-38 vote tally.

However, while this is a big step in the future of the Chiefs and Royals, it means nothing yet. The next step will be for the bill to head to the Senate, where it will be voted upon once again, though not on a local stage that benefits the state of Kansas.

No matter what happens at the Senate, the Chiefs still have a lease to continue playing football in Missouri through 2030, so even if Kansas wins again, we’d still be a long way toward any real movement from taking place.

The Chiefs can still strike a deal to extend their lease, or find a new agreement at any point to prevent any further movement toward heading from Missouri to Kansas. After all, its hard to imagine the Chiefs playing home football games anywhere else than Arrowhead Stadium.

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