Joe Burrow has radical idea to change the NFL dramatically

Joe Burrow
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The NFL currently has 18 weeks of the regular season, which sees all 32 teams play 17 games throughout the year. Yet, after expanding from 17 to 18 weeks in 2021, it feels inevitable that the NFL will eventually push for another game, reaching a clean-cut 18-game regular season.

Joe Burrow believes he knows how the NFL can make this radical shift in their schedule, and his idea actually seems genius.

The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback made his comments on the Pardon My Take podcast, and ever since, people haven’t been able to stop agreeing with his suggestion. Burrow said if the NFL really does want to go to 18 games, there’s an easy solution.

Burrow suggests the NFL should implement two bye weeks. Except he feels this second one should come around Week 13 of the NFL schedule, with the entire league resting at the same time, similar to how the NBA does a mid-season pause for their All-Star festivities.

This break could even feature the NFL’s Pro Bowl events, which have largely lost popularity among football fans. But doing so in the middle of the year, when the season is in its prime, could have a different impact.

There’s another significant way this change could impact the NFL schedule. By adding another week in the middle of the season, the NFL would then likely have the Super Bowl come on the Sunday before Presidents Day when many employees have the day off on Monday.

This could once again lead to another big ratings boost for those who may not otherwise stick around to watch a Super Bowl, knowing they have to work in the morning. Yet, Burrow’s suggestion could open up a whole new group of spectators.

Again, we love Burrow’s idea. In fact, we wouldn’t be shocked to learn that the NFL has considered, or will be considering these very changes in the near future.

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