Troubling Dallas Mavericks news on Klay Thompson’s reputation with Golden State Warriors

Klay Thompson
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Some of the first NBA news to emerge this offseason was that Klay Thompson wouldn’t return to the Golden State Warriors, the end of an era for both sides. Now, just hours after Thompson signed with the Dallas Mavericks, details have emerged on part of the reasoning for the All-Star’s exit.

While Thompson didn’t play at an All-Star level last season, he still shot 38.7 percent from the perimeter. In the regular season, he was tied with CJ McCollum, Jalen Suggs and Coby White in FiveThirtyEight’s Wins Above Replacement (3.6).

  • Klay Thompson stats (2022-’23): 17.9 PPG, 3.3 RPG, 2.3 APG, 43.2% FG, 38.7% 3PT

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However, the earliest Warriors rumors this offseason indicated that the two sides were never close on a contract. Golden State entered the summer prepared to lose its long-time star and it even helped facilitate the exit with a sign-and-trade to Dallas. Now, there is some added reasoning for the Warriors’ approach

During an appearance on 95.7 The Game, Jason Dumas of KRON 4 News said that Thompson’s antics behind the scenes for Golden State were as “equally exhausting” for the franchise as what Draymond Green did.

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“Klay has been equally as exhausting behind the scenes. It’s not as loud. It’s not as loud because it’s not you stomping on someone’s chest. If he’s slamming stuff on the bench and sulking, and doing that on the court, how do you think it is in practice? How do you think it is in the locker room? It has been uncomfortable. It has. It just doesn’t come out as loudly as Draymond Green.”

Jason Dumas on Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

The behavior Thompson is being accused of certainly wouldn’t be anything the Mavericks aren’t familiar with. Luka Doncic has earned a reputation for both being one of the best players in basketball and one of its most volatile emotionally.

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  • Klay Thompson stats (Golden State Warriors): 15,531 points, 2,795 rebounds, 1,843 assists, 676 steals, 413 blocks in 793 games played

What matters for Dallas is adding Thompson’s experience to the team and bringing in his much-needed perimeter shooting. While there will be some issues defensively with a Mavericks lineup featuring Thompson, Doncic and Kyrie Irving, the offensive upside is worth it for Dallas.

As for Golden State, it gets a fresh start at Thompson’s position and more changes are expected this summer. While Thompson’s final season with the Warriors didn’t go how anyone hoped, the team already announced his number will be retired after his NBA career ends.

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