Dallas Cowboys teammate blasts Micah Parsons for being dedicated to his podcast instead of focusing on football

Micah Parsons
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Dallas Cowboys pass rusher Micah Parsons is on a short list of the best players in the NFL. When it comes to defense, he’s certainly top-three, and he might even be the best, depending on which week you catch him.

Parsons has been a superstar from the moment he made his rookie debut with the Cowboys after being selected 12th in the 2021 NFL Draft, winning Defensive Rookie of the Year. He’s also made the first-team All-Pro in two of three seasons and earned second-team honors in the third. Basically, he’s as consistent as they come, racking up 13 or more sacks in all three seasons as a pro.

But when he’s not terrifying opponents with his pass-rush moves, Parsons spends time promoting his podcast, The Edge with Micah Parsons, in which he’s put out 23 episodes in the last nine months alone.

Malik Hooker thinks Micah Parsons is hurting Dallas Cowboys with his podcast

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Yet, his teammate, safety Malik Hooker, believes Micah Parsons should drop the podcast act, and focus his entire attention on helping the Cowboys reach their goals of winning their first Super Bowl since 1995. Oddly enough, Hooker didn’t tell Parsons this privately, he instead chose to go public with his criticism, ironically on another podcast.

“My advice for Micah would be just make sure we’re all right,” Hooker said on Keyshawn Johnson’s podcast. “Because if we’re at work and and the run game’s terrible, but you’re doing a podcast every week and you know the run game is terrible, then what are you really caring about? Are you caring about the crowd that was watching the podcast or are you caring about the success of our team and the Super Bowl that we’re trying to reach?”

Malik Hooker on Micah Parsons (H/T to ProFootballTalk)

Those are some very pointed remarks from Hooker, and to no surprise, Parsons didn’t take kindly to them. Here was his response on social media.

“Just wish you said this to me but instead on some podcast! And you got my number family! @MalikHooker24 and you my locker mate! So you coulda said this any day! And you do realize I shoot the podcast on our off day! I why ain’t we talking about everyone preparations and focus.”

Micah Parsons replying to Malik Hooker

This may feel petty, and that’s because it is. Our guess is Hooker doesn’t stick with the Cowboys for much longer.

You don’t go at the team’s franchise player in public, especially when he has a direct line to speaking to his locker mate. We’re guessing Hooker doesn’t return to the Cowboys in 2025, despite being under contract through the 2026 season. But maybe we’re reading into this one too much.

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