NBA insider reveals Bronny James’ role with Los Angeles Lakers during rookie season

Bronny James
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After the Los Angeles Lakers selected Bronny James with the 55th pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, much of the discussion focused on how much nepotism was involved in the decision. Keep in mind, there was nothing preventing the Lakers from simply signing Bronny as an undrafted free agent and using their draft pick on another prospect who may not have otherwise signed with the Lakers.

Either way, the Lakers’ decision to draft Bronny ensured they wouldn’t lose LeBron James’ son to another team during the selection process. However, many are still wondering what type of role Bronny will have as a rookie who may not be entirely ready to make the transition to the NBA.

After playing just 25 games in his college career, now the 19-year-old will be mixing it up with the best basketball players in the world, but how much will Bronny play as a rookie on a Lakers team that hopes to compete for an NBA Championship?

According to one NBA insider, the Lakers have a bit of an odd plan with their new rookie. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski states that the Lakers are expected to have Bronny spend the first week of the season in the NBA, where he’ll have his chances to play alongside LeBron, which would make history as the first father-son basketball duo in the league.

Yet, after the first week of the season, Bronny is expected to spend the rest of the year playing in the G-League, where he can get plenty of minutes competing against other NBA hopefuls. Woj adds that there are “no expectations” for Bronny to be in the Lakers’ regular rotation, instead spending more time with the South Bay Lakers developmental team.

“I think what you’ll ultimately, probably see is Bronny James in the first week of the season, on the court with his father, in a very, I don’t want to call it ceremonial, but the eyes of the world will be on that. There will be that in the first week of the season, but there’s no expectations Bronny James will be in the Lakers rotation. He’ll spend a lot of his time playing with the G-League team, which shares a practice facility with the Lakers.”

Adrian Wojnarowski on Los Angeles Lakers’ developmental plan for Bronny James

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