WATCH: Earl Thomas Stars in ‘Area 29’ Web Series

In a funny turn from the infamous Area 51 in Nevada, Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas has introduced a web series called Area 29, the title paying homage to his number and success in the field.

According to Thomas’ offical website Area 29, is described as follows.

What happens within Area 29 remains largely unknown; virtually no one has ever successfully traveled into it and returned. At times, based on the human carnage around its perimeter, it appears new forms of experimental weaponry are being tested there. There are also widely reported instances of objects that have flown into Area 29 — footballs, among them — and never been seen again. Sightings of paranormal or alien activity are abundant, focusing in particular on humanoid creatures that seem to move at otherworldly speeds.

In the first episode, Thomas talks about how his football camp is influential to young kids and how he relishes in the fact that he’s looked up to as a role model.

He also openly speaks about what it was like growing up in the small community of Orange, Texas.

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Photo: USA Today