Several Ravens Players Dedicate Win to Ray Rice

This is stuff that you simply can’t make up. On the heels of everything that has happened over the past few days, several Baltimore Ravens players apparently dedicated their Thursday night victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers to former teammate Ray Rice. 

And the seemingly high praise for a man that was seen on video knocking his then-fiancee out cold in an elevator didn’t stop there.

“A model man” doesn’t beat up on his loved on, drag her unconscious body a few feet and drop her on the floor again like she’s nothing more than a slab of meat. But hey, this didn’t stop more Ravens players from expressing their admiration for the outstanding man that they view Rice to be.

If we were looking for a new villain in what has become a national nightmare, the Ravens may have provided that tonight.

Based on these comments, you wouldn’t have thought that Rice was banned from the NFL indefinitely or that he is at the center of a scandal that could potentially create a long-lasting impact on both the future of the National Football League and those afflicted by domestic violence.

Apparently Ravens fans weren’t the only one’s wearing Rice jerseys tonight.

Good for you, Baltimore. Good for you.