Robert Griffin III: ‘MRI Results Positive, no Fracture’

When Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III seemed to suffer a catastrophic lower-leg injury against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday indications were that he would miss the entire season with a dislocated ankle. 

The embattled quarterback is now telling us to hold up on rushing to a conclusion here. According to the Washington Post, RGIII indicated that he does not have a fractured ankle and does not think he will need surgery. He went on to add that the results of the MRI were “positive.” (h/t Pro Football Talk). 

It might not matter in terms of him actually seeing the field anytime soon. He was seen in a cast and crutches following the game, so the likelihood that RGIII is actually close to returning to the field isn’t too good right now. There will be more tests conducted to see exactly what damage was done to his ankle.

In addition to this, there are reports surfacing that Redskins head coach Jay Gruden seems to feel that backup quarterback Kirk Cousins is a better fit for the offense (via the Washington Post). 

The last thing Washington needs at this point is a controversy between head coach and owner. Daniel Snyder has been a firm supporter of RGIII and that was one of the major issues between him and former head man Mike Shanahan, who was fired following a disastrous 2013 campaign.

It’s my belief that as long as RGIII is ready to go, he will see the field.

This could very well change with a couple more great performances from Cousins, who threw two touchdowns in the Redskins 41-10 blowout of Jacksonville on Sunday.

Photo: USA Today