Report: Adrian Peterson Relationship with Vikings “Severed”

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering all the well publicized questions surrounding running back Adrian Peterson. According to ESPN’s John Clayton, the relationship between Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings is “severed” and the expectation now is that Peterson will be released even if the case is resolved.

This information comes from Nick Mensio over at Rotoworld.

Peterson’s child abuse trial is set for December 1st. He┬ámade his first court appearance on Wednesday in Conroe, Texas. And despite not entering a plea, his lawyer did indicate that they will eventually enter a not guilty plea in the case.

In terms of the finances of Peterson’s contract, Minnesota can release him this upcoming offseason without receiving a cap hit. He signed a six-year, $86.3 million contract with $36 million guaranteed (all of which has been paid out) back in 2011.

Here is some of what Clayton had to say on ESPN Radio in St. Louis when asked about the relationship between Adrian Peterson and the Vikings.

Severed. I don’t see him ever playing in Minnesota again. And I think that’s sad because he has been the franchise.

Check below for the full audio of the interview. They started talking about Peterson at the 2:50 mark.

Photo: ABCNews.com