Phil Jackson Shows Signs of Aging, Thinks Knicks are a Playoff Team

New York Knicks president Phil Jackson thinks his team is going to playoffs this season. “In what league,” you ask? The NBA. And no, they haven’t expanded the playoffs to 30 teams.

According to Ian Begley of ESPN.com, Jackson is serious when stating his beliefs.

Someone may want to monitor Jackson on a daily basis to make sure he’s not developing early stages of old man’s syndrome. In case you didn’t pay attention to the Knicks last season (don’t worry, you we not alone), they won 37 games in a weak Eastern Conference, just one game back of the eighth and final playoff spot.

Not bad, even if the East is the inferior conference in the Association. That said, the team who finished behind the Knicks added guys named LeBron James and Kevin Love. Unless Jackson thought the Cavs played in the West, the Knicks have another team to worry about in their race to the postseason.

And what about that roster? Props to Jackson for keeping Carmelo Anthony around to sell tickets. But third-grade level research will show that Carmelo doesn’t equal wins. Here is the Knicks’ roster heading into training camp.


Name Position Age 2014 Salary
Quincy Acy SF 23  $915,243
Cole Aldrich C 25 $915,243
Carmelo Anthony SF 30 $22,458,401
Andrea Bargnani C 28 $11,500,000
Jose Calderon PG 32 $7,097,191
Samuel Dalembert C 33 $4,051,527
Cleanthony Early SF 23 $507,336
Langston Galloway PG 22
Tim Hardaway Jr. SG 22 $1,250,640
Shane Larkin PG 21 $1,606,080
Travis Outlaw SF 30 $3,000,000
Pablo Prigioni PG 37 $1,662,961
Orlando Sanchez PF 26
Iman Shumpert SG 24 $2,616,975
J.R. Smith SG 29 $5,982,375
Jason Smith C 28 $3,278,000
Amar’e Stoudemire PF 31 $23,410,988
Travis Wear SF 24


It’s hard to look at this roster and find more than 37 wins. Raymond Felton and Tyson Chandler were traded to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for two players who have a combined age of 64 and take up over $11 million in salary.

Maybe Jackson meant they believe they’re a playoff team at some point? It’s a good thing they have a ton of draft picks over the next few ye………oh, wait

At least they brought in proven coaching…I mean, signed really good free agents….oh boy, this could be a long season for the Knickerbockers.

Photo: CBS Sports