Ohio State Buckeyes and Alabama Crimson Tide take top spots in survey of most ‘annoying’ fans, Oklahoma Sooners among least irritating

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The Ohio State Buckeyes and Alabama Crimson Tide have some of the most loyal and diehard fans in college football, and it seems their approach to supporting their favorite teams has made them two of the most annoying fan bases in football.

There are no bigger names in the world of college football than Ohio and Alabama. The powerhouse schools continue to find elite coaches that develop high-level prospects into the next stars of the sport and help them win national titles. Their decades of success have also cultivated massive fan bases in and around their home states. Yet, those fans are not popular among their contemporaries.

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In a new survey by Sports Handle of over 2,000 college football fans, the Crimson Tide received 22% of the vote when asked which fanbase is the most annoying in the country. They were followed by the Buckeyes at 14% and then the defending champion Michigan Wolverines with 9% of the vote. Notre Dame (8%) and Texas (7%) rounded out the top five.

Another unsurprising, but funny, addition to the poll revealed that Michigan fans viewed rival Ohio State as the most annoying as the Buckeyes got 52%. Conversely, 42% of OSU fans felt Wolverine supporters were the most irritating in the sport.

On the flip side of the spectrum, the Sports Handle survey revealed that the Auburn Tigers, Oklahoma Sooners, and Colorado Buffaloes were viewed as the least annoying as they garnered just 2% of the vote. The survey also revealed some other interesting results, including who fans see as the favorite to win the Heisman Trophy in 2024. Those stats can be found below.

  • The Midwest is notably supportive of the Power Five conferences (P5) leaving the NCAA for football
  • Carson Beck, Georgia’s quarterback, is the top pick for the 2024 Heisman Trophy, backed by 15% of college football fans
  • 20% of Midwest fans believe Ohio State’s Will Howard has the best chance for the Heisman
  • In the South, Carson Beck is favored by 19%, slightly ahead of Jalen Milroe at 17% to win the 2024 Heisman Trophy

The survey was conducted between June 13 and June 17 of this year. The sample comprises 2,005 college football fans across the United States of America.

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