NFL to Let Legal System Play out Before Acting on Ray McDonald

In yet another sign that it’s highly unlikely that either the National Football League or San Francisco 49ers will be jumping to conclusions regarding Ray McDonald’s recent arrest on domestic violence charges, Roger Goodell seems willing to let the legalities play out (via USA Today).

I think the first thing we have to do is let the process play out, get the facts, and make sure you understand all the circumstances,” Goodell said. “We don’t (know the facts) right now and we’re obviously following it very closely. But the policy will be applied uniformly across players, coaches, executives, commissioners. I think we made that very clear in the policy.

McDonald was arrested on felony domestic violence charges this past weekend after an incident with his pregnant girlfriend. The specifics of which are alarming to say the least.

But there have been some locally in the Bay Area who think he should be found guilty in the court of public opinion and released by the 49ers before he even steps foot in court later this month.

If these disturbing charges are proven to be true, McDonald will not only face a six-game suspension from the NFL, he will no longer be a member of the 49ers. Those are two things we can take to the bank. Until then, both sides seem willing to let the facts come out before rushing to an end game.

Photo: USA Today