Mike Goodson Can’t Afford Plane Trip from Texas to New Jersey

In a story that is getting stranger and more disturbing by the day, former New York Jets running back Mike Goodson missed his court date in Morristown, New Jersey last week because he was having “financial issues” with the flight, according to his attorney. 

The following blurb comes directly from the NY Daily News. 

Forgoing minicamp prompted the Jets to release him, but missing his court date Thursday morning resulted in the ire of Judge Mary Whipple, though she declined to put a warrant out on the missing running back for the time being.

The report continued…

Goodson is still in Texas, attorney Alfred Gellene said. Gellene added that Goodson was trying to return to New Jersey but was having some “financial issues” with the flight. Gellene said he was “fully confident” Goodson would be present for his next court date on July 24.

Goodson, who has played for the Carolina Panthers, Oakland Raiders and Jets during an often drama-filled NFL career, was arrested back in 2013 on drug and weapons charges.

Former Jets teammates have not heard from Goodson since his release after mandatory minicamp, even after a select few put out feelers through text and phone calls. Despite Goodson’s brother indicating that he is in Texas and his lawyer backing up that claim, Goodson has dropped from the face of the Earth. In reality, he is considered missing by those who had been in contact with him since the arrest in May of 2013.

Goodson faces up to 10 years in prison is convicted on these charges. It was assumed that after he went missing, Goodson was attempting to avoid the long arm of the law. For their part, the New Jersey court system isn’t having any of this.

Assistant prosecutor Peter Foy expressed some concern during the status hearing over the running back’s absence, pointing out that Goodson is “not presently employed.”

In addition to that, the judge presiding over his trial indicated that Goodson would be arrested if he didn’t show up for his next court date late this month.

This new report, which indicates Goodson is having financial issues, is yet another dark cloud hanging over a player who seemed to have such a bright future just a couple years ago.

Photo: Courtesy of Fansided.com