Lucas Oil Exec Goes off on Racist Facebook Rant

At a time when the NFL is dealing with pushback from corporate sponsors during the whole domestic violence scandal, the last thing it needs is a sponsor creating a stir due to racist remarks from an executive.

Unfortunately for the league, that’s exactly what happened when Lucas Oil executive vice president and co-founder Charlotte Lucas took to social media to air her issues with minority groups in the United States.

Lucas had this to say in a Facebook post on Friday (via TheIndyChannel.com).

I’m sick and tired of minorities running our country! As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think that atheists (minority), muslims (minority), or any other minority group has the right to tell the majority of people in the United States what they can and cannot do here. Is everyone so scared that they can’t fight back for what is right and wrong with this country?

While the post was deleted, Lucas confirmed that she had authored it in a conversation with the local ABC News affiliate in Indianapolis.

I was very upset when I wrote that,” she said. “I will not elaborate other than to say that there are certain people who are trying to make the whole world eat what they want to eat and do what they want to do. I don’t think it’s any of their business what I put in my mouth. Thank you.

Lucas Oil is a corporate sponsor of the Indianapolis Colts, who play in a stadium that uses its name.

It remains to be seen if the Colts or the NFL will take any action here, but this most definitely isn’t a good look for either the franchise or the NFL.

Photo: VisitIndy.com