Kobe Bryant Opens Up About Life After Basketball

At 36 years old, Kobe Bryant doesn’t have a long career ahead of him in the NBA. And he seems to be somewhat concerned about what post-basketball life may bring for him. 

In a documentary titled Kobe Bryant’s Muse, which is set to air on Showtime in November, Bryant had this to say (via ESPN.com).

I’m afraid, too,” he said Friday at the summer TV critics’ meeting. “You really have to lean on muses and mentors going forward, just as I did as a kid. It’s about having that next wave of things, which is scary as hell, but it’s fun at the same time.

Many professional athletes struggle with what to do following their playing careers. After all, a majority of the stars that make up the structure of the sports world have been playing their specific sport for nearly two decades.

The idea of moving on from that to another avenue of life has to be scary.

Bryant is fully ready to embrace what post-basketball life may bring, but he’s realistic enough to understand that it’s going to be a rather difficult transition moving forward. With all the assets anyone could ask for and a high level of intelligence, Kobe should be just fine. It now remains to be seen exactly when he will decide to hang it up.

Photo: Business Insider