Sea Life Minneapolis Trades Kevin Love Octopus Name to Cleveland

Sea Life in Minneapolis made a surprising trade just recently, sending the octopus name K. Love to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium in exchange for the name “Ocho.” This is a move that absolutely no one saw coming. Love’s namesake in Sea Life was well behaved and played well with others during his time there. It was also well-liked by all visitors. 

Unfortunately, Sea Life had no need for K. Love’s name once the Minnesota Timberwolves sent Kevin Love packing to Cleveland. So a trade between the two made a ton of sense.

Sea Life issued a press release explaining the trade (via

Trading K-Love naming rights will give SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium a fresh new start and naming flexibility in the future for its young octopus. In return for the trade, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium will be giving SEA LIFE Minnesota the rights to its Octopus name, Ocho. SEA LIFE Minnesota will most likely drop Ocho for a new name soon that will match Andrew Wiggins, the key piece in the trade. Sqwiggins, Iggy, or A-W are some of the names already being tossed around for SEA LIFE Minnesota’s new athletic octo-playmaker.

It really does seem that Ocho got the raw end of the deal. It’s going to likely be the equivalent of that player to be named later that never reaches the majors. For Kevin Love, this is even more great news. In addition to pairing up with LeBron James, he can now visit Greater Cleveland Aquarium, much like he did Sea Life in Minneapolis.

Courtesy of CBS Sports

Courtesy of CBS Sports

Our thoughts go out to both K. Love and Ocho during this most difficult transition in the life of their names. This can be a brutal business sometimes.