Kevin Durant Plays NBA 2K15 as LeBron James

Some may consider Kevin Durant the best player in the NBA, but don’t tell those people that the Oklahoma City Thunder forward plays NBA 2K15 as LeBron James.

Let’s get this straight. Playing friends in his living room and others online, Durant seems to think he stands a better chance playing as James and himself.

Or maybe not. Durant indicated it would be arrogant to play as himself in an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

It makes some sense considering that Durant is rated 95 overall while James comes in 99 on NBA 2K15. With that said, I couldn’t even imagine playing someone else if I were considered one of the greatest players in the planet.

Next up, James Harden plays as LeBron James and learns how to actually play defense.

Okay, we went a bit too far there.