Jim Harbaugh Impressed by Brandon Lloyd’s ‘Film Study’

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh seems to be one of the oddest characters in the entire league. He’s also a tough coach when it comes to expectations for his players on the football field and in practice. So it seemed to make sense that Harbaugh would struggle to start and maintain a relationship with new 49ers wide receiver Brand Lloyd, who is in his second stint with the team. 

Apparently the two have hit if off quite nicely.

As ESPN insider Bill Williamson points out, Harbaugh seems to be a fan of Lloyd’s antics in the film room.

He does this thing in meetings that I have not seen before,” Harbaugh said. “He’ll be sitting in his chair watching the tape, and go through his route. And all of a sudden here comes a swim move, you know, or a slap of the arm and then sometimes he’ll stand up and, you know, it’s a jab step. It’s in his mind how he’s beating press as he takes a mental rep watching the tape. It’s pretty much the whole meeting. He’s talking to himself … I love it, just love it.

Harbaugh goes on to indicate that he wished he hatched this plan when he was  a quarterback in the NFL.

Wish I had seen that earlier in my career and could’ve adopted that into my meeting game,” Harbaugh said. “This might be one of the neatest things I’ve ever seen.

We do know that Harbaugh himself likes to dance behind the scenes.

It might not compare to this dance by 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton…


But rest assured, no one in the 49ers locker room would mock Harbaugh if he broke out in dance with Lloyd.

Photo: Fox Sports