Ello Govna! NFL Could Be Coming To London

According to Yahoo Sports, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft believes the NFL could expand by a team or two by the end of this decade. 

NFL Media’s Marc Sessler also says.

Kraft says NFL should work very hard to have a team in London.

But why?

Roger Goodell answered this question.

The fans want to see more NFL football, and they want to see the real thing, Goodell said. They don’t want to see the “friendlies” as they call them over there, which is preseason games. So we changed our strategy eight years ago and said “Let’s play regular season games.” And our clubs have responded very favorably. They’ve enjoyed the experience. So we’re anxious to do more of it.

Goodell’s statements brought up the question as to whether this was actually an expansion or a relocation? Then the cities of Los Angeles and Oakland were thrown into the mix. (Relocation and Oakland go together a lot recently). Goodell says if an expansion were to take place it would do so by two clubs, not only one.

In 2014, the NFL will play three regular season games in London. This is a new record and could very well be the beginning of such an expansion.

Photo: NYTimes.com